Big, Gigantic, Enormous Announcement

I’m sure most of you have heard about the Podcaster Throwdown for Halos of Hope, a (mostly) friendly competition between podcasters to see who can coax their listeners into knitting the most hats by Stitches West. Hats are being collected to send along to the good people at Halos of Hope, who will distribute them to chemo patients in need of a bit of warmth and comfort.

Here’s my big announcement:

I have officially joined Team Knit Knit Cafe. Seems like  the natural thing to do. I believe Abby’s is the only team in the Pacific NW and she’s definitely the most local to me. Here is what really sealed the deal, though. I give you a quote from Knit Knit Cafe, Episode 131:

“We are not going to win. However, we would like to play.”

This pretty much sums up my approach to most things in life, especially anything competitive. A true cry to rally, to gather up our realistic expectations, and knit like the wind do the best we can.

If you haven’t knit up any hats for this worthy cause, get to it. In all seriousness, I kept thinking Yeah, I should do that, but hadn’t made any real plans to get hat knitting. Then, I heard Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls sharing a very personal experience (listen here) and I came away reminded that now is the time to act on our best intentions.

Information on the Throwdown, including pattern/yarn guidelines, can be found at

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